Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello.... anybody out there?

So since NOBODY else seems to be posting, I thought I'd at least put pictures of my last few projects. Most of you guys have seen them, but that's okay, I suppose. The bag above was a gift for one of my daughter's friends on her birthday. It reverses to the picture below...
If I am going to be totally honest, I kind of wanted to keep it! I like the bright green.

The next two bags are my girls' school bags. They are reversible, too, but for some reason, I forgot to take pictures of the other side. Oh, well.

This is the baby quilt Shanda finally convinced me to finish. And that Shanda quilted. And that she did the hand stitching on the binding on because I am a crybaby and I hate doing that part. It now belongs to my cute little newborn nephew.
Do you like my husbands shoes peeking out under the quilt? If anyone has advice on how to take a picture of a quilt without shoes or tops of heads showing up, let me know!