Monday, December 7, 2009

(Cue crickets chirping....)

Okay, I'll quit being lazy and post some stuff....

Shanda and I made a baby quilt for a girl in our ward. Don't look too closely, however, as we apparently sew very different 1/4 inch seams (sometimes even different from ourselves....?!?) Overall, though, it turned out soft and cute, and Shanda's quilting makes it look kind of fabulous.
( I should apologize in advance that every quilt picture I ever post will have feet sticking out underneath...)

I finished my coin quilt that I made out of a charm pack (Sweet by Moda.) I really like it. I used Kona cotton for the off-white, and I really like it. I'll be using it again.

And the back...

And I put together a kit (I know, gasps of shock...) But really this one was pre-cut and so easy. It didn't even take an hour (unless you count the time used sewing ricrac on, which is a little challenging for me!)
Shanda practiced her daisy quilting on it, and I wish it showed up better, because it is darn cute. The back is polka dot minkee- you can sort of see the cute daisy quilting on this picture if you look very closely....

And finally, we decided to make new school bags for my girls again (since the ones they are using are nearly three months old, and therefore, ancient...) We did messenger bags this time using rag squares. They chose their own fabric, and I think they turned out pretty cute.
Miss M. was all about the bright colors. Hers is made of cotton quilt fabric.
Miss R. chose pastel flannels for her bag. It is very soft.

Okay, somebody else show me what you've been doing! I'm ready for inspiration!