Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Idea Share

Our idea share this month is- How do you label your quilt. Tell what you do, post a picture and or bring an example to quilt guild next month! Please include the info you put on the label, what you make your label out of, how you write on your label and how you attach it to the quilt.


  1. I do different labels on every quilt. I try to think about what the quilt means to me, and if I am giving the quilt to someone I want the label to have meaning to them. I don't necessarily put a lot of information about the quilt. I think you can tell by the example I posted

  2. I don't label quilts. (I know, I know, shoot me...) I just don't care if anyone knows who made them. I do, on the other hand, keep pictorial records with notes for myself, so there is some kind of history.

    I did see one quilt blogger who prints her information on twill ribbon / tape and sandwiches it into the binding. I thought that was a fun idea, because the information you want to include is still there, but it stands out less than sewing a patch on the back of the quilt.