Friday, November 5, 2010

October Quilt Guild

This has been a bad month for the quilt guild newsletter! First I lost my notes from the meeting then I couldn't find where I saved the pictures on my computer. Well I finally found the pictures but no notes so here is the show and tell without any explanation. I guess if you can see yourself in the picture you know what you made!!! If I find my notes I will identify the quilters later. Sorry!

Julie Saville came to our meeting and do a trunk show. Here are some of the cute quilts that she showed us. She does all of her own quilting on her machine and did an awesome job.

For November come early at 6:00 and learn from Holly N. how to make the little bag to hold credit cards/ punch card etc. you will need 2-10 inch squares of fabric and 20 inches of rick rack.

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