Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cedar Chest Quilter's Winter Festival

Last weekend I headed down to Cedar to the Cedar Chest quilter's winter retreat. My Aunt and I went to the trunk show by Blanch Young. Blanch is 90 years old and showed some fantastic quilts. I loved her amazing use of color and the way that she used big prints on the back of her quilts. Here are a few pictures from her trunk show. My favorite saying from her trunk show was "Some mistakes I make, make the best quilts!"

My Aunt Karla and I took an all day class from Blanch's daughter Lynette Bingham. We made a baby trip around the world quilt that was called Twice as nice. This actually ended up making two quilts in reverse order. Her are the tops of the first quilt that Karla and I finished. Lynette has a fabric shop in Hurricane Utah called Main Street Quilt Cottage. I will add her link on the side. This retreat was really fun and we just might have to make this a yearly tradition!
Karla's Quilt

Carolyn's Quilt

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  1. I really want to have you show me how you put that quilt together- it's so cute! Also, I still giggle every time I read "Cedar Chest Quilters," because in my head it comes out "Cedar Chest-Quilters." I don't know why I can't remember it is like a cedar chest, not chest-quilters, like people sewing brasierres. Next year I hope I can plan ahead and get to the retreat (quilted bra, or not!)