Monday, January 18, 2010

moda bake shop

Hey ladies,
I just checked out the newest 'recipe' for moda bake shop and it is darling for Valentines. I also went to the site of the contributor, Piece N Quilt. She has some darling quilts and tutorials. I thought the spray starch applique method was interesting and I might try it. This site will be another one that I add to my favorites, along with the dozens of others I have for favorites. I guess that just about anything quilting is my favorite!


  1. Isn't her Piece N Quilt website fun? Plus Natalia's a Utah girl (living in Heber) so we have to support our own, right? I'm still scared of applique, though. I think I'm going to have to start small.... very, very small.

  2. I added Piece N Quilt to our quilt blogs. I loved the valentine quilt she did and I really liked how she used her computer to do the letters!

  3. From your post, I checked out moda bake shop. Printed off a couple patterns and want to start new quilts. Problem! I already have over a 150 unfinished ones. Loved the Valentine quilt. I'm working on an appliqued snowflake quilt but using the method Jan taught us using freezer paper on top and glueing under the raw edges. I then spray starched the snowflake front and back but not as much as the tutorial.

  4. Oh, I just came across this post! Thanks so much for saying such sweet things about me and my blog! :)