Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Online Resources

Free Pattern Resources
These are all charm square patterns. They could be easily adapted to other sizes.
This website is a wealth of information. There are lessons on things like paper piecing, applique, and color theory that you can choose from a drop down menu. There is also a huge list of patterns (hundreds!)if you choose “Quilt Blocks Galore” from the drop down menu.
This is part of the Better Homes and Gardens website. They have several free patterns available to print as well as tips, tricks, and videos you can watch. New patterns are added all the time.
This is a message board where people patterns and techniques. Most posts are written as tutorials that walk you through how to put the block together. You can also post a question looking for a pattern that you may be having trouble finding.
This website features a new project to sew each week, complete with instructions. You can also search previous projects.

Free Patterns from Fabric Manufacturers
Almost all major fabric manufacturers offer free patterns to download and print that go along with their fabric lines. Here are some links to those.
There is a link to dozens of free patterns here- everything from quilts to bags to wall hangings.
Free patterns from Andover Fabrics
Free patterns from Benartex
Free patterns from Classic Cottons
Free patterns from Clothworks Textiles
Free patterns from Free Spirit Fabrics
Free patterns from Hoffman Fabrics
Free patterns from In The Beginning Fabrics
Free patterns from Kona Bay Fabrics
Free patterns from Marcus Brothers
Free patterns from Michael Miller Fabrics
Free patterns from Northcott Fabrics.
Free patterns from Moda Fabrics
Free patterns from P & B Textiles
Free patterns from RJR Fabrics
Free patterns from Red Rooster Fabrics
Free patterns from Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Free patterns from Timeless Treasures Fabrics

At this link you can watch Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day video series.
This link has video clips showing how to do lots of different things.
Video clips from HGTV shows showing different quilts and techniques.
If there is anything you want to see a video of, you can enter it in the search box at You Tube, and chances are good someone has made a video of it. (I found a good one showing how to use the June Tailor Shapecut ruler when I first got it and wasn’t quite sure what to do.)

Online Stores
There are more stores online than you could shop at if you worked at it all day everyday (trust me…) For most things, it’s probably easier and just as cost effective to shop locally (to save shipping costs, be able to actually see fabrics, support local retailers, etc.) However, no one store can carry every line and sometimes stores sell out of a particular piece you need, and that’s where online shopping can be a lifesaver. Just remember to check shipping costs ahead of time- that can be a difference of several dollars a yard when you calculate it in. Here are a few shops we’ve purchased from with good customer service and prices.
(Good sales on charm packs and jelly rolls)
(Carries their own line of fabric that is only $5.98/yard, and has good thread prices)
(Just sells precuts on their online store, but great prices- Jelly Rolls are $25.99 including shipping)
This store has more fabric all in one place than any other I’ve found. If you think you can’t get it anymore, check here before you give up.
They add new fabrics to their sale list nearly every day. They also carry patterns.
If you haven’t shopped on eBay for fabric, it is definitely worth a look. It’s a great place to find “out of production” fabrics, and if you have lots of free time you can catch auctions at bargain prices (I frequently pick up charm packs for around $3..) You don’t have to bid, either, there are plenty of “Buy it Now” items that just have a set price. As for reliability, if you check the sellers rating, you can shop very safely- just be sure to choose someone who has an established reputation as a trustworthy seller.
Etsy is like the biggest craft fair imaginable, just online. The only things that can be sold on Etsy are handmade goods, or supplies to make handmade goods. You can search for fabrics or patterns, and if you don’t find what you are looking for in a regular search, try clicking the tab to search under “supplies.” There are also LOTS of fabric sets for sale, if you are looking for coordinated bundles of fabric to use together. Again, check the seller reviews, but for what it’s worth, I’ve made dozens of purchases here and never had a problem. It’s also just fun to browse items that are being sold to find inspiration for things you want to make.

There are Yahoo groups for everything. Just go to and search under “Groups” for things that interest you. One I have used is:
This was suggested to me as a great place to shop for a “pre-loved” sewing machine, but there is a lot more there as well. You must apply for membership, and then you may list for sale any sewing related items. You can also browse the listings and buy things. I just purchased a “bundle” of 22 quilt magazines for $14 (plus shipping) which is a fun way to decide which magazines you like best before subscribing, or to get back issues of favorites magazines you may have missed.

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