Thursday, June 10, 2010

Idea Share-Your favorite pattern, book, or something you love to make.

This month lets talk about what your favorite pattern is. What is something you like to make over and over again and why. We know that Ann loves the strippy quilts and Lisa has a favorite too, just can't remember the name. What is your favorite Book, or pattern or something you love to make?


  1. I've had to give this question a lot of thought and then some more thought. I don't really like to make the same thing over and over,I'm always ready for a new puzzle, but finally something came to me. I really enjoy the process of making Buggy Barn quilts. It's just fun and different from traditional piecing. I have several of their books. I think I'll start a new one!

  2. I think that once I have figured out a pattern then I like to make it just one more time in order for it to seep into my brain. I really like a challenge too, but I do find myself making the triple treat quilt, turning twenty(tiny and regular), and the film strip quilt quite a lot. I think they are just easy and not much thinking involved. I really need to get a new book and start making something new!

  3. So that's actually a really funny question, because I am completely obsessed with collecting patterns. I love them! I have more patterns than I could sew in an entire lifetime if I did nothing but sew. However, I have only ever made one quilt that I actually followed a pattern as it was written. I either just use graph paper and draw what I want it to look like and then call Shanda to help me do the math, or I find a pattern that is almost what I want and tweak it a little bit. Someday I want to follow a pattern start to finish, because I think it would alleviate the math headache portion of quilting for me.