Thursday, June 10, 2010

The news this month is that Quilt Fest is coming up on October 5-9, 2010 in Murray. There is a beautiful opportunity quilt that you can buy tickets for. Contact Ann for the tickets. Mini quilts are still needed as well. Contact Ann for more information.

The Road to Oklahoma quilt swap is starting. We will swap for 3 months total and if you participate all three months you will almost have enough fabric for a queen size quilt. I can't get the scanned handout to post to this blog, so here is the information:
Please use good quality, prewashed fabrics only.
Mediums and Darks
No obvious juvenile, holiday. No solids.
Country colors and tones, no jump off the quilt prints or colors.
Swapping July, August, and September.
Have baggies to Mom's the Monday before guild, (July 6, 2010, because of the holiday)

Cut strips 3 1/2 " by at least 20"(Just use 1/2 the width of fabric or the width of the fat quarter)
For one set, use 6 different fabrics. Cut 5 strips from each fabric. Make 5 stacks of strips placing one of each different fabric in the stacks. Put each stack in a separate baggie with your name on it. Keep one for yourself and put the other 4 in a larger baggie with your name on it as well.
Next month Cindy will be demonstrating how it's put together.

Thanks for all those who commented on the blog. Shanda won the prize, (it's about time I got lucky!) We will be having another discussion for next month, so just leave a comment and you will be entered for a prize!

Show and Tell

Shanda's Vintage Baby Quilt (sorry I don't know how to rotate pictures)

Shanda's Equal Sign Quilt

Shanda's High Heel (Stack and Whack)

Hollie's Bulls Eye ( She finished it!)

Hollie's Red and Black Oak Leaf with Cross stitched blocks

Carol and Grandson's Baby quilt
He colored the blocks and it will be done before the baby is blessed!

Linda's pillow or pincushion. I wrote down cushion, so who knows!

Linda's Fruit Cocktail

Nadine Smith's Vintage Purse ( watch out for the chain!)

Helen's Pillowcases

Annalee Church's Rag Wilderness Quilt
By the way, Welcome Home!

Annalee's Baby quilt made from Minkee

The quilting:

Maxine Barrel Racing Quilt for her Granddaughter

Maxine's Grandmother's Flower Garden

Ann's two UFO's are already in Arizona, But these next two are charity quilts that her sister quilted for the first time:

Winding Ways Demonstration
Wheel of Mystery

Maxine taught us a new technique. She passed out a few samples of this block and we are supposed to bring them done next month and then we can make a Charity quilt. It was very interesting and looks really hard, I hope it's not.
Start by laying the block out.

Then either sew the corners of the middle pieces. Match up the notches and be sure to take a 1/4" seam so the centers are touching.
Let's hope we all can remember how and show our finished blocks next month.
Thanks, Maxine for teaching us a new trick!

Have a happy sewing summer and don't forget to comment of the discussion!

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