Thursday, March 25, 2010

Batting - What a decision to make??

There are so many choices of batting on the market, it's impossible to know everything; however, I do have my favorites. I've written an article about the types of batting I use, and why they work for me. If you'd like to read more. . .here is the link:

I hope you find my comments about batting useful. ~Quilter Ann~


  1. Ann- that is great! You have lots of fun information on your website. I appreciate learning from someone who knows what they are doing! (I'm still very much a beginner!)

  2. I need to start Dear Jane and with such mini blocks hand quilting is not going to be easy. I understand the thinner the bat the better for hand quilting. In Cedar last year the national teacher talked about a bat she used and spilt in half that is not made anymore and she bought everything she could find. I thought that was useful for nothing. Any suggestions. Pauline

  3. Pauline, I do know that Quilters Dream makes a very nice thin batting that is good for hand quilting. . .you might want to look into that brand. Just stay away from any densely needle punched batting (like W&N), it makes it tough to needle. Good luck.