Monday, March 22, 2010

A few little things...

The Mickey bags were not, technically, sewing, but I thought they were fun. I just bought the two for a dollar reusable bags from Dollar Tree. I covered up the small logo on the bottom corner of the bag with permanent black marker- easy peasy. Then I traced the Mickey shape on fusible craft bond (the super thick, non-sew type) and ironed on the fabric. (Important note: these bags are not made of fabric... if you don't cover the WHOLE thing with a pressing cloth your iron may end up covered with a thick gooey tar-like substance. Second important note: Faultless Hot Iron cleaner can remove thick gooey tar-like substances, as well as interfacing stuck directly to the iron.) Then I just ironed a strip of ribbon that matched the fabric to the top. Finally, I took some permanent ink and stamped my kids initials on the bags and outlined the letters with glitter glue. It was the perfect thing to fill with treats, coloring books, crayons, and MP3 players for our drive to Disneyland, and they cost under a dollar each to make.

This pink, green and brown quilt has gone to live with my cousin's new baby girl. I hope she likes it, because I really did. In fact, I kind of wanted to keep it. It is all flannel, and is backed with pink fuzzy minky and is SOOO soft. Shanda quilted it with darling little loops and flowers.

This sailboat quilt is for my other cousin's new baby boy. I pieced the back and the front. It took me a long time to draw a pattern for it that I liked, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

As far as I know, I only have two more cousins expecting, as well as one niece or nephew on the way, so I'll be done with baby sewing before I know it!


  1. I LOVE that little girl baby quilt... I am tempted to have another girl just to see if you would make me one!

  2. Carolyn- I WAY overbought fabric for that one, so I just might do that very thing....

  3. You ladies are so ambitious! I am impressed. However, today I am attempting to clean and put and little order to my sewing room. Wish me luck!