Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Attempt

Thanks for the invite, Carolyn. I am not much of a sew mama, but here is a picture of my first attempt at a turning twenty! I LOVE this fabric!


  1. Darla, great job with the turning 20! I love the fabric too. In fact I am already making a little blanket out of the same line!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog. It's was fun to read and see the pic's. The turning twenty by Darla is fun fun fabric and looks great. Your scrappy nines look great too they make me want to get out the ones I already have from a past swap and start sewing. I have some different settings I want to try with them. My sewing corner is at my kitchen table but I'm trying to get it moved to the basement also. Sewing quilt blocks is my sanity and my insanity.