Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks for the Invite!

Hi all,
No, I don't know where all my kids are, but then they range in age from 24 to 38, so I guess they don't have to answer to me anymore.

Yes, my children have clothes. My second daughter has WAYYYY more than she needs, but she has great taste! She also rivals Imelda Marcos for her shoe collection and has just as many purses.

If they haven't been fed, it's their own fault.

Quilting news:
I am so excited because I just purchased new sewing room furniture that will be arriving in 4-6 weeks; hopefully sooner. I've been having back problems from my less than desirable setup, so I'm hopeful this will be a great solution. (Sounds like enough justification for buying it to me!)

I also finished my first Guild UFO and it is off for quilting.

I am leaving for California on Friday with my daughter (the one with all the clothes, shoes, and purses). Don't know when I'll be back --- sometime next week, but I definitely plan on hitting some quilt stores. We're flying though, so I don't know how much I will be able to bring back.

When I get my new setup, I will post pictures.


  1. Sherida, you can always stop at a post office in California and mail the fabric to yourself! You can stuff a lot of yardage into a flat rate box! (Not that I ever get fabric in the mail...) Have a great trip! Also, now that I think about it, by back is hurting.... and my sewing room could use an update..... hmmmmm.

  2. Oh, your new furniture sounds like it will be great! I'll have to come over to check it out once you are all organized!