Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gigi's girl for Chelsea!

Does this look familiar? I don't know why I am so incapable of an original idea. I guess that Lisa's designs are so cute that I just have to copy them. This is actually one of two that I am making in this pattern. This is the baby of the original. I made it for my niece who had surgery. The day that I sewed the border on this, my other niece, Mckenzie, broke her leg, so now I am going to have to make another!


  1. Okay, I offered to have surgery if you would make me a quilt. Am I going to have to break my leg? Tell me what it will take and I'll do it. (Or, I could just stick Lucy in the darn playpen to curtail her lint and electrical cord eating and just start sewing my own. It's just that breaking a leg sounds slightly easier.)

  2. You know, once you make someone a quilt, everyone wants a quilt! I want one!!!!